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October 18 2012


How To Make The Most of Local Auctions 1

If you haven't sold products on eBay before, I would suggest that you start with your own household items that you are ready to get rid of. You might have things in storage, items in the back of your closet, or things you don't use anymore. You can generally get a lot more for them on eBay than you can by having a yard sale. Once you get your bearings with the selling process, and exhaust your personal resources, you can look to local auctions for more products to sell on eBay. Many local auctions are dedicated to property, personal estates, antiques, cars and other collectibles. Sometimes you can even find large lots of inventory or product types, and acquire the entire lot for a discount or wholesale price. You can then sell the products individually through online auction, and flip your investment into a sweet little profit. The goal is to buy low and turn a nice profit. What I have done in the past, and would highly recommend, is that you join up with your spouse or with a friend. One stays at the computer while the other attends the local auctions, and you stay connected by mobile. Then you can target the collectibles, treasures, londonderry and property you're interested in effectively. Remember that your target audience is one that's local, and you'll be sure to find the city of culture 2013 somebody is looking to part with money for.

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